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I Can Success Stories

The I Can Curriculum


Here’s just two of the many I Can success stories Bob receives…

Dear Mr. Alexander,

I was so delighted to hear from you. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing you again at our school in October. I am so proud that we will begin a fourth year of the I CAN curriculum. I was thrilled to stand before our school board, which runs the 12th largest school system in the United States, and with my principal accept this honor. This coming week our school will take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT9). As I was thinking about the upcoming week, I know our schools will again be an academic success story. Just to show you how confident I am, please take a moment and read about our successes with the Stanford Achievement Test. In 1996, at the end of my schools’ first year completing the I CAN curriculum, my school had a 12 percentage point increase in our school-wide reading score on the SAT. During the second year (1997) using the I CAN curriculum, our school increased 20% points in our school-wide reading SAT score. I also did some research in other areas of our school and discovered a 4% point increase in our state writing test scores, and our school had a 11% point increase in our school-wide SAT mathematics score. I know that standardized scores are important, but let me brag on other aspects of our I CAN school. As the last year of a junior high school (1996) we were the District’s football champions. We had our first yearbook in the 34 year history of our school. We had over 90% of our students in clubs. This was a 60% increase in club involvement for our school. This was the year that over 80% of our teachers knew that they would not be able to stay at our school, but the I CAN curriculum gave them the confidence and the self-esteem to lead a multicultural, poor, inner-city school to the top. We were featured on a major TV news program as a “SUPER SCHOOL.” Now we are in our second year as a middle school with a new faculty who teach half in a traditional school and half in an environmental magnet school. Other schools in our district with similar divisions are having major problems, but not our school. Recently a county visitor asked to have a major retreat at our school because she said, “I feel a spiritual presence at your school.” I know what she means. You can visit our school to see our I CAN intramural banners, to read our displayed I CAN students’ and teachers’ poetry, to watch our I CAN TV morning show, or take part in one of our I CAN contests or to just walk down the nature trail and stop a minute by our I CAN butterfly garden. Our teachers, our students, and our administration have the I CAN attitude, and we know we are making a difference. Finally, let me say, “thank you for coming back to our school.” You and the I CAN curriculum do make a difference in our students’ and our teachers’ lives.

Charlene Garrett
Reading Resource Specialist
212 13th Street NW Ruskin, Florida 33570

Dear Bob,

Ten years ago, I wrote you a letter, expressing my delight and enthusiasm for a new program that I was spearheading for the public schools in Hillsborough County, Florida. It is called “Project I CAN,” and is based on the “I CAN” curriculum created by motivational trainer Zig Ziglar, and implemented through your expert instruction.

It is truly one of life’s sweetest blessings when you can set a goal and see it being realized. So is the case with “Project I CAN.” Needless to say, we are not looking for “end” results. This is a project in progress.

I would, however, like to share with you some of our experiences to date.

· The business community has truly “bought into” investing in our youth. They realize that it is truly a win win situation. If our kids are exposed to building their lives on a solid moral foundation, if they are shown how to set and achieve goals, if they realize the importance of relationships, they make much better employees or employers! Through job mentoring, job shadowing, in kind donations and $300,000 in cash donations, over the past 10 years, the business community annually see their return on their investment, at our annual recognition dinner where students from the “I CAN” program stand up and witness what “I CAN” has meant to them.

· To date, 4,000 students have experienced “Project I CAN.” We continue to see improved school spirit, renewed enthusiasm for teaching, and an overall “I CAN” attitude among teachers and students alike.

· We have established scholarship funds and have awarded 11 scholarships to date. This enables these students a full 4 year scholarship, providing they stay in school, stay crime free, drug free and maintain good grades.

So you can see that when Hillsborough County adopted the “I CAN” philosophy, we proved “We Can” do it!

I will be forever grateful for your guidance, inspiration, and help making “I CAN” a reality for our kids.

Dr. Angela T. Rasmussen
“Project I CAN” Founder

On Site I CAN In-Service Program

I Can… two powerful words that inspire our confidence… Serve as a testament to our determination to succeed… And reflect a desire to be our very best.

That’s why thousands of educators, parents and leaders of youth serving organizations across America are excited about the Customized I CAN In-Service Programs. Through I CAN, they’re not only learning the ABC’s of education, but more importantly, the ABC’s of Life – Attitude, Behavior, and Character. These are the fundamentals that enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential and bring out the best in others.

If you are looking for a positive educational, informational, inspirational and fun keynote address, in-service program, seminar, or a three day workshop, the I CAN Program is for you!

an I CAN participant says…

“The Best I’ve ever attended. We need to be teaching the ‘I CAN’ program in our school.”