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Bob, you’re AWESOME! Your enthusiasm and sincerity conveyed your commitment to living the principles you are teaching. I have never witnessed a more professional, entertaining and challenging presentation.

Bobby Powers, Jiffy Lube

An Exhilarating experience! The best motivational seminar I have ever attended! A definite 10!

Pat Massart, Auction Marketing Institute

If I had known that Bob’s presentation was going to be this great, I would have closed down my entire operation of 200 people and let them all attend.

Adam Clatsoff, Blue Cross-Blue Shield

To say you met our expectation would be an understatement. Your performance clearly demonstrated what happens when outstanding ability and flawless preparation meet a demanding task. Thank you for living the message that success is to a great extent in the attitude. Anyone who left your performance unmotivated was either dead or most definitely in the final stage of hardening of the attitude and stinkin thinkin.

Mark Frank, McDonald's Corporation

On behalf of the Harper Group and Circle International, I want to express our heartfelt thanks for your efforts in ensuring the success of our recent GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT. Never before have we had a speaker accomplish what you were able to do with this international group of executives. Are we satisfied? Are you a positive difference maker? A big ‘YES’ to that! Not only are we satisfied, we want you back…and soon! I have just confirmed your availability for April 4th and 5th to train our top executives of the company. I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

Bonnie E. Lytton, The Harper Group

Your presentation was inspirational, motivational and energizing. For four hours you captivated our audience of instructors. Thank you for sharing the positive, motivational and sometimes personal anecdotes that illustrated the benefits of learning from the past, living in the present, and preparing for the future. We’ll see you again, and soon.

Beryl Daniel, Entergy

Yes! It was great having you join our group for our 5th Annual Cruise and Learn Seminar. We could not have been more pleased with your performance and the connection you made with our audience. You are truly an inspirational speaker and I know you touched many lives, mine included. We’ll be back in touch with you as we make plans for our future meetings.

Shelia C. Patterson, Progressive Concepts

Thank you for your outstanding presentation to my new management team! Clearly, you addressed the key objectives of the meeting -instilling a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm in the new manager team in Network Engineering and Planning. Did you exceed our expectations? That’s a big YES!

Keiko Harvey, Bell Atlantic

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our sales force. You were truly an inspiration to everyone who had the privilege of attending. You did a great job motivating our troops and now it is my job to keep that spirit alive and growing. I only hope I am worthy of that Challenge. I look forward to having you back with us again next year, if not sooner.

W. Lance Anderson, Saxon Mortgage, INC.

Mr. Bob Alexander is probably the most physically fit professional speaker in America today. He practices what he preaches and, for that reason, can claim that he has an extremely low percentage of body fat, has blood studies that would be the envy of any cardiologist and performs on the treadmill as if he were a teenager! With these physical statistics, he is certainly qualified to speak on the importance of a positive mental attitude, health and fitness, if he does nothing more than relate how he accomplishes these phenomenal results.

Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., The Cooper Aerobics Center

Your presentation to our three hundred fifty employees was spectacular! We asked you to speak to us on Personal and Professional Excellence and you certainly delivered. The positive responses to your visit are too numerous to list; however, one employee said, ‘Bob Alexander made me look to myself for answers instead of blaming others for my problems.” That comment was only one of many that will result in our continuing to use you in the future.

John Collins, Collins Signs, Inc.

Your contribution to our meeting truly made the difference. Our folks are still talking about your presentation and has made a positive impact on many lives – including mine! We look forward to your continued involvement in our management training as we move into the 21st Century.

Clarence Edwards, Security Finance

Innovative…Motivational… Outstanding… were a few of the comments received from your presentation at our State Agency College. Your enthusiasm for your subject and preparation for the class made our seminar a tremendous success.

Barbara Rohde, State Farm Insurance

Your presentation to the Sales and Marketing Executives Club was outstanding. Your unique approach was ‘right on target’ for the sales and marketing people. Even more impressive was your ability to connect with the support people at all levels. It’s been three weeks and we’re still getting comments like ‘motivational’, ‘innovative,’ and ‘gave us data we can use now!’ Your content met our objectives and exceeded our expectations

Leonard Norcia, OSMOSE

Thanks again for an outstanding presentation during our recent Top Management meeting at Marco Island, Florida. You definitely set our members on fire and the response to your program was most enthusiastic and appreciative.

David Keim, National Sash and Door Jobbers Association

“OUTSTANDING”… “WONDERFUL” “He should be featured at our Holiday Party” … Were a few comments I received after your address to our group. Bob, I could not have asked for a more meaningful presentation from you. MIG has had the pleasure of several speakers at corporate functions over the last several years. I can truly say none have been as enjoyable and meaningful as yours. I look forward to having you back again SOON.

Timothy M. Babcock, MIG Companies

Thank you for your inspirational participation during our new model showing in Las Vegas. Seeing the way you touched our dealers’ and sales representatives’ hearts and minds was extremely impressive. I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Brian Gothard, Regency Conversions
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