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Bob’s Mentor, Zig Ziglar says…

“Bob Alexander is a versatile, enthusiastic, committed, talented, hard-working speaker who holds the attention of audiences from vitually every walk of life.

When I hear people talk about Bob’s timing, his delivery, his closing skills, his sense of humor, his inspiration, his professionalism and his commitment, needless to say, I’m impressed. . . . I might point out that I agree with all of those evaluations and, most of all, the fact that he’s genuinely interested in helping other people grow. When he was an employee and I was not available, we frequently sent him to handle the engagement. Letters we’ve received from program coordinators in every field indicate that he gets the job done. He will get the job done for you as well. I encourage you to invite him. You’ll be glad you did.”

Bob Alexander
Bob AlexanderPresident
The Alexander Resource Group

As Bob Alexander finished competing in a national black belt karate tournament and within the same week completed his eighteenth marathon in New York City, he said, “I’m tired.”
While this is not a particularly startling comment, just reading the accomplishments of Bob Alexander fatigues most people. Bob has excelled in almost every aspect of his life. As an outstanding high school student who consistently won honors, Bob carried that tradition into his college career where he excelled as a dean’s list student, karate instructor and brigade commander in ROTC.

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“I Can” Distributorships Available
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On Site I CAN In-Service Program

I Can… two powerful words that inspire our confidence… Serve as a testament to our determination to succeed… And reflect a desire to be our very best.

That’s why thousands of educators, parents and leaders of youth serving organizations across America are excited about the Customized I CAN In-Service Programs. Through I CAN, they’re not only learning the ABC’s of education, but more importantly, the ABC’s of Life – Attitude, Behavior, and Character. These are the fundamentals that enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential and bring out the best in others.

If you are looking for a positive educational, informational, inspirational and fun keynote address, in-service program, seminar, or a three day workshop, the I CAN Program is for you!

an I CAN participant says…

“The Best I’ve ever attended. We need to be teaching the ‘I CAN’ program in our school.”