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The I CAN Program

"I CAN" are two Powerful words that inspire our confidence.Serve as a testament to our determination to succeed.And reflect a desire to be our very best.

The Challenge
The Kids
The ultimate goal of American education is to produce educated human beings, capable of being responsible for themselves and productive in a competitive economy. The crisis is that children must be educated now and prepared to take their place in a competitive world. The future of our nation and the world depends on it.

The Parents
The parents of American school children are frustrated with the educational problems in the public schools and want some significant improvements. There are many concerned parents who take an active role in the education of their children. Unfortunately, there are far more who don't. The number one problem of most teachers is related to the parents of the children they are trying to teach.

The Teachers
Thousands who became teachers found themselves mired in an educational nightmare that crushed their original dreams. Many teachers are tempted to quit the profession, but most of them keep on teaching in spite of the difficulty and the frustration they face every day in their classrooms. Statistics reveal there is a major problem in our schools regarding the character of the children. Teachers are on the front line of addressing this issue.