I CAN In-Service Program

The I CAN program is based on the foundational principles of honesty, integrity, character, trust, loyalty and love. These are principles upon which successful lives are built. Once this solid foundation is established, individuals develop a positive attitude and self-image, as well as strong, healthy relationships with others. Even more important, they are empowered to achieve their life's goals and desires. Health, happiness, prosperity, friendship, peace and security are dreams transformed into everyday realities. The I CAN In-Service Program prepares professional educators with the methods and tools by which to teach the I CAN way of life to their students. The I CAN agenda is motivational, instructive, and just plain fun. The staff development, team building and personal growth which results from the workshop help build a more positive school climate through more motivated, dedicated teachers and happier, excited students. Whether you have the I CAN curriculum in your school or not, you don't want to miss this workshop. It will change your life... as an a parent an individual.
Here's What Participants are Saying About the I CAN In-Service Program:
"This was a super seminar. The breakout sessions were extremely inspirational and helped me form a specific plan of action. You have supplied the coal, now it's up to me to light the match." Teacher
"The professionalism, enthusiasm, energy, friendliness and genuine sincerity exhibited by your staff is incredible. I wish all of them taught for me." Principal
"I'm convinced after this workshop that we could throw away every textbook in our system and only teach these concepts to our students and they could make it in life!" Superintendent
"I loved it! So valuable! I'd love to work in a school with Mr. Alexander. WOW!" Counselor
"Bob how do we follow your class act! You explode into our school district with the grace and fury of a class five hurricane and we have not been the same since. After hearing you speak seven different times I think surely this time your message will not move me as it has in the past and each time you prove me wrong." Administrator