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"Yes, I Can"
The "Yes, I Can" In-Service Program is informational, educational, inspirational, and a whole lot of fun. It promotes the positive attitudes and values essential to building a life of success. A strong foundation built on honesty, character, integrity, trust, loyalty and love helps students develop the right mental attitude, improve self-esteem, build stronger relationships, learn how to set and reach goals, and help develop a strong belief in the importance of desire and work. The staff development, team building and personal growth resulting from the "Yes, I Can" workshop helps build a more positive school climate through more motivated teachers and happier students.

Making It Happen
In this high energy, fun-filled seminar, Bob teaches the leadership principles revealed in his book, Making It Happen: Leadership Keys For People Who Must Produce Results. Participants will leave with a proven, practical blueprint for achieving results that will inspire their employees to greater levels of success.

How To Make Your Life G.E.L.
In this hurry up, get it done yesterday society, we often find ourselves "stretched" and "stressed" in many directions. Bob shares three characteristics that all successful people have built their life upon and how to implement them in all areas of life.

A Chart For Leadership
What qualities define a leader? How do individuals gain positions of leadership? What impact does good leadership have in the education system? In this fast-paced program, Bob explains and encourages development of these success qualities as well as how to create the value system shared by the nation's most successful leaders.

Self-Esteem: The Gateway To A Successful Future
The way a child views himself affects the way he feels, thinks and behaves. Bob knows that self-esteem is a direct bi-product of one's self concept. It is for this reason that Bob helps individuals obtain a clear picture of their potential to succeed, avoid or move beyond mental roadblocks and realize how to achieve life-long success.

Making Smarter Decisions
All too often it is assumed that children will naturally acquire decision-making skills as they mature. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Decision-making is a learned course, a skill learned through repetition and practice. Students have reported discovering a step-by-step process that helps them make competent decisions and moral choices.

Attitudes Of High Achievers
As a black-belt karate instructor and marathon runner, Bob knows what it takes to be an achiever. He teaches the five attitudes characteristic to all winners. Most importantly, Bob shares how you can maintain a positive mental attitude the key component of life-long success.

Being Your B.E.S.T.
Would you communicate with Mr. Spock or Captain Kirk the same way you would with Miss Piggy or Bugs Bunny? Understanding student profiles is the first step in helping them understand how to be their B.E.S.T. In today's classroom, it is vital that teachers and students understand how they communicate, how others communicate, and how others want to be communicated with. Bob helps individuals understand their personality profiles so they become the best Bold, Expressive, Steady, and Technical they can be.

Additional Topics:

-Leadership Through Teamwork
-Feed The Teachers Or The Students Will Eat Them Alive
-Change Is Inevitable, Misery Is Optional

-Positive Parenting For Positive Results


Customized Topics:

          Bob's Topics Are Planned, Not Canned!

Bob customizes programs for Administrators, Teachers, Parents, and Students from kindergarten through college, to meet the needs of the school or the district. All of his programs are educational, informational, inspirational, and rich with wholesome humor. This combination guarantees a high energy, fast-paced, laughing, loving, and learning experience.