I CAN Distributorship

The Alexander Resource Group, as the sole manufacturer/distributor of Zig Ziglar’s I CAN Character Curriculum, offers distributorships for the purpose of selling and training the curriculum. We also provide in-service programs for students and teachers, as well as conduct seminars, training sessions and keynote addresses for corporations. Distributors, as independent contractors, may sell any curriculum or service provided by The Alexander Resource Group.


Initial Investment of $2500 – includes 5 Beginner Programs (pre-k – 5th grade) and 5 Achiever Programs (6th grade and up.) The curriculum is resold for $299 plus 10% shipping/handling. When all have been sold, the distributor has made their initial investment back plus a profit of $490. This also includes an optional half day training at your expense in Macon, GA with Bob Alexander.

Future orders will be as follows:

1 – 10 programs purchased - 40% discount
11 – 25 programs purchased - 50% discount
25 + programs purchased - 60% discount

If you are seriously interested in making a positive difference in the lives of children, who one day will be making a positive difference in the world, please contact us immediately at 478-476-9081.

Warmest Regards,

Bob Alexander