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Making It Happen: Leadership Keys For People Who Must Produce Results
Top executives and policy makers can find whatever they need to help them plan, strategize and lead their businesses into the future. But what about the people who have to carry out those lofty plans and put them into practice? What personal qualities do they need to develop? What skills should they possess? What leadership challenges face the manager on the firing line of daily performance? Based on Bob's book "Making It Happen," this program is for those who must turn the lofty objectives of others into practical reality and produce results NOW!

The Power of Choice: Strategies To Lead, Sale And Serve In ANY Economy
We go through life making choices, and every choice we make will have a consequence. Do you do business with companies who have a visible, involved and enthusiastic leader? Do the salespeople have a heartbeat? Do they have a customer care team or a customer careless department. In this high energy, fun filled seminar Bob teaches the participants how to make good strategic choices that will enhance the leadership, sales and customer care teams at your company.

Sales-Man-Ship: C.H.A.R.T.I.N.G. Your Course For Successful Selling
The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary sales performance is that little "extra" that successful, superstar sales professionals are willing to give that ordinary sales people aren't. This program combines an eight step formula for personal growth with specific sales strategies that is based on a proven four step sales model. This model will teach you how to build strong relationships, ask questions, present your products/programs/services, handle objections and close the sale with ease. Customized to meet the needs of every audience, this presentation is a must for all sales representatives and sales managers who want to reach their goals and live their dreams

Managing and Motivating A Successful Team
Undoubtedly, one of the toughest challenges leaders face is how to effectively manage and motivate a team. In this presentation, Bob shares a proven, time-tested formula that inspires teammates to become team players.

Attitudes of High Achievers -
As an accomplished black-belt karate instructor and marathon runner, Bob has total credibility when discussing the transference of assertive attitudes from athletics to family to business. In this session, he shares ways to develop time tested principles based on a winning mind set, as he shows participants how to bring home the gold.

How To Make Your Personal, Family and Business life G.E.L.
In our hurry up, get-it-done-yesterday society, we often find ourselves "stretched" and "stressed" in many directions at once. Bob Shares three characteristics that are common threads in the lives of successful people, and how to implement them in day-to-day living.

"Yes, I Can"
The "Yes, I Can" Educator In-Service Program is informational, educational, inspirational, and a whole lot of fun. It promotes the positive attitudes and values essential to building a life of success. A strong foundation built on honesty, character, integrity, trust, loyalty and love helps students develop the right mental attitude, improve self-esteem, build stronger relationships, learn how to set and reach goals, and help develop a strong belief in the importance of desire and work. The staff development, team building and personal growth resulting from the "Yes, I Can" workshop helps build a more positive school climate through more motivated teachers and happier students.

Additional Topics:

  • Change Is Inevitable, Misery Is Optional
  • Coaching For Success
  • How to Hire, Train, Manage, Motivate, and Lead a Customer Care Centered Organization
  • Feed The Teachers Or The Students Will Eat Them Alive!
  • Postive Parenting For Positive Results
  • Love, Honor and Cherish Your Customers...or Your Competition Will!

Ziglar Core Programs:
Strategies for Success, The Ziglar Sales System, Assuring Customer Loyalty, Essential Presentation Skills, Top Performance